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Star Trek: Voyager 1995: 4x18

The Killing Game, Part 1

Stardate: Obscure. When the Hirogen capture and board Voyager they find that the holodeck can be utilized to make strides the chase by putting the prey through diverse circumstances and areas. In one circumstance, Captain Janeway, Torres, Tuvok and Seven of Nine are individuals of the French resistance in involved France with the Hirogen in parts as Nazi SS Officers. Since the group was embedded with subdermal transmitters, they have no thought that typically on the holodeck, and they think it’s genuine. It is up to the Specialist in sickbay who is constrained to recuperate the harmed to cripple the gadgets and offer assistance the group elude.

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Star Trek: Voyager: Season 4 Episode 18
Mar. 04, 1998